10 September, 2016

Parcela Mandiles

Bruma del Estrecho de Marin | Parcela Mandiles

Mandiles is Estrecho de Marín’s star vineyard par excellence. Located in the south of DO Jumilla it is comparable to a wise elder who knows how to deal with any situation life throws at it.

When it was planted, 65 years ago, the basels were angled to face northwards so that the roots would always be in the shade of the shoots and leaves in order to survive years of scare rainfall.

The vines sink their roots deep in search of moisture in the fathomless soils and manage to survive hailstorms, plagues and all types of adverse conditions. Mandiles is a wine full of character, yet is delicate, fresh, mineral, and boasts excellent balance in the mouth.

rocky soil parcela mandiles

parcela mandiles and sierra del carche hill

Parcela Mandiles | Technical notes
BodegaViña Elena
BrandBruma del Estrecho de Marín | Parcela Mandiles
TypeCrianza - red aged in oak
Variety100% Monastrell
Production1,173 bottles
NameMandiles (southern DO Jumilla)
DescriptionUngrafted, planted with basels facing north so that the roots are always shaded by the leaves
Altitude359 m
Age67 years-old
SoilA variety of soils within the same hillside vineyard. The higher ground is sandy and the lower ground is chalky, strewn with stones
ClimateDry Mediterranean
Annual rainfall225 L/m2 in 2017
HarvestManual, in 10-kg crates, at the end of August 2017
WinemakingSeven months in new barrels of 500 liters of French oak
BottlingEnd of may 2018