17 December, 2021

Finca CQ

Bruma del Estrecho - Finca Casa Quemada


Finca CQ is our new vino de finca or single-estate wine from Finca Casa Quemada located in the high-plains of Jumilla at 700 m above sea level.

The valley is protected to the east by the Sierra de la Cingla and to the north by the Sierra de Peña Rubia. Its diverse soils are home to 47 ha. of Monastrell grapevines with an average age of 32, planted in vineyards with varying orientations.

So far, we have dedicated five years to painstakingly recover the vineyards. We identified the textures and compositions of the soils by digging test pits in each of the estate’s five vineyards, as well as measuring sunlight exposure.

The soils range from deep, sandy soils with organic matter and very little active lime to more robust, loamy soils with green marlstone, and even sandy, conglomerate limestone soils.

Some of the vineyards are on slopes, which limits water retention, and others on the banks of the Cingla rambla or natural storm drain with deep, sedimentary soils and better water retention properties.

For Finca CQ’s wine, we selected a vineyard with deep sandy soils and low levels of active lime planted with vigorous, deep-rooted Monastrell vines that produce fresh, balanced grapes.

The northwest facing vineyard stops the grapes from overripening during hot, dry summers to make a wine that displays great elegance and depth.

Finca Casa Quemada

Finca CQ | Technical notes
BodegaViña Elena
BrandBruma del Estrecho de Marín | Finca CQ
TypeOaked red wine
Variety100% Monastrell
Production4,632 bottles
NameFinca means single-estate and CQ means "Casa Quemada", this is the name of the estate. Location: Sierra de la Cingla (Shadow Side). GPS Coordinates: 38°33'18.4"N 1°19'26.2"W
DescriptionNon-irrigated, goblet-trained bush vines. Low density (2,7 x 2,7 m, 1.400 vines per hectare). West-north aspect.
Altitude700 m.a.s.l.
AgePlanted in 1990
ClimateMediterranean climate
Annual rainfall284 L/m2 in 2021
HarvestSeptember 2021. Hand harvested in cases of 12 kg.
WinemakingFermented in stainless steel vat at temperature controlled of 24-26 °C using natural yeasts. Malolactic fermentation in french oak barrel of 500 l. and ageing during 7 months. Surface filtration (1-μm).
BottlingJuly 2022