11 July, 2017

Paraje Las Encebras

Bruma del Estrecho - Paraje Las Encebras

The idea behind making a white wine from the region’s traditional Airén grape variety falls in line with our objective of paying tribute to and enhancing the value of Jumilla’s native strains.

Currently undervalued, Airén had its heyday some 50 years ago when it was prized for its notable yield. Owing to its long growth cycle, this variety is able to withstand the intense heat and scarce rainfall that characterise the DOs southern region. However, in present-day Jumilla the variety is in danger of extinction with only a few old vineyards still producing – one of which, with its 37-year old vines, gives rise to our wine.

The vines are planted in sandy soils which afford more freshness to the fruit. This gold-coloured grape boasts neutral, discrete aromas on the nose, while in the mouth warmth prevails.

Our aim was to make a differentiated wine with the intention of extracting the grape’s full potential and the very best it has to give: its hidden expression.

Vendimia Paraje Las Encebras

Paraje Las Encebras | Ficha técnica
BodegaViña Elena
BrandBruma del Estrecho de Marín | Paraje Las Encebras
TypeSkin-contact & biological ageing
Variety100% Airén
ABV13 %
Production988 bottles
NameCombination of different plots, located in the village of "Las Encebras", southern sub-zone of the D.O.P. Jumilla.
DescriptionNon-irrigated, bush vines, hand harvested. All plots were planted in low density (around 1.400 to 1.600 vines per hectare).
Altitude380 - 400 m.a.s.l.
AgeThe plots were planted between 1980 and 1985.
Annual rainfall390 lt/m2 in 2020
HarvestSeptember 2020, hand harvested.
WinemakingFermented in stainless-steel vat at controlled temperature of 14-16 °C using natural yeasts. Maceration with the skins and whole-bunches (less than 30%). Biological ageing in 20 L. glass demijohns during 10 months. Surface and amicrobic filtration (1-μm).
BottlingJune 2021