10 September, 2016

Parcela Particiones

Bruma del Estrecho de Marín | Parcela Particiones

Particiones, located in the municipality of Tobarra, is perhaps the oldest vineyard in the collection, with 55 to 60 year-old vines.

The vineyard boasts sandy soils which are planted not only with Monastrell but also Airén and Moravia (less than 5%). We don’t separate the grapes when they are harvested and maybe because of this it’s one of the most complex wines in the range. The coupage of these varieties and the type of soil give rise to a smooth, elegant wine rather than a full-bodied wine.

This wine is aged 10 months in third-fill oak barrels. It maintains all the properties of the fruit and the elegance of the soil, and boasts immense complexity when it comes to indentifying nuances.

The name, Particiones, derives from the fact that in the past the estate belonged just to one individual yet over the generations it has been sold-off in parts and currently the vineyard, the olive groves, and the almond orchard all have different owners.

Parcela Particiones. Bruma del Estrecho de Marín

Parcela Particiones | Technical notes
BodegaViña Elena
BrandBruma del Estrecho de Marín | Parcela Particiones
TypeCrianza (oak-aged red)
Variety100% Monastrell
Production7,200 bottles
NameParticiones (northern DO Jumilla)
DescriptionUngrafted vines planted together with Airén and Moravia
Altitude720 m
Age56 years-old
ClimateMediterranean climate with a continental character and wide-ranging temperatures
Annual rainfall360 L/m2 in 2016
HarvestManual. October 2016
WinemakingFermented in 7,000-litre stainless steel vats and later in third-fill barrels for 10 months
Bottling12th September 2017